Thursday, December 30, 2010

Team Shirts - Termin-8-tors

I totally forgot to post the t-shirts I made for my teammates as a Christmas surprise.

So, every Wednesday night, I play on an 8 man/women pool league (APA).  I wanted to make something special for them and I thought, t-shirts...  Anyway, they were very easy to make; the hardest part was figuring out what the design would look-like.

I used my Cricut with MTC software to cut the design out onto freezer paper; remembering to "flip" the design before cutting.  I actually forgot to use the flip feature before cutting the number 8, but you really can't tell...  ;)  Then I used the freezer paper as an iron on stencil.  I used Tulip Soft fabric paint, which tends to "puff up" once you heat set it.  Not realizing this, I went to iron down the words on top of the "8ball" and the "8ball" puffs up, which made my stencil lift just enough to allow the fabric paint to seep through...  ;o  Didn't realize this until I had already finished half the shirts, but a little touch up paint and problem solved.  Shirts need to be heat set after allowing the paint to dry for 72 hours and you're done...  I also added a gift tag made with the Winter Frolic cartridge using the second snowman and the tag feature at 3 inches (not positive on size).  All in all, it took about 24 total hours (in 3 days) to complete all 10 shirts.

Couple of tips...  If you plan to layer your designs, make sure you iron really well; even allowing the first layer to heat set, before you start painting the second layer.  Also, I found that using a dabbing motion with a sponge brush, worked best for me.

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